Family Branding Law and Legal Definition

Family branding is type of marketing tactic which involves the use of one brand name for the sale of several related products. For example, a company may use one brand to market soap, lotion, hair shampoo, and nail polish. It differs from the individual product branding which gives a unique brand name and identity for each product. Family branding aids the introduction of new products by invoking a popular brand name, which can lead to trial purchase, product acceptance, or other advantages. It also promotes lower marketing costs and market acceptance of its products. Family branding is also known as umbrella branding.

The concept of family branding allows a company to make a wide range of products both desirable and profitable by giving them all a single brand name. The popularity attained with the brand name helps the company to build customer loyalty. When the company introduces new products or even makes changes to existing products, it can depend on customer loyalty to ensure its market will purchase the new or altered product. Furthermore, family branding allows a company to successfully market a range of products by just one advertising campaign.

Family branding inflicts on the brand owner a greater burden to sustain consistent quality. Family branding is mostly limited to products that have similar quality, because any damage to the quality of one product in the brand family will affect the reputation of all the others.