Family Division Law and Legal Definition

Family division is a court concerned with family proceedings. Family Division cases include divorce/parenting action, child support, domestic violence petitions, guardianship of minors, termination of parental rights, abuse or neglect cases, children in need of services, juvenile delinquency, and adoptions. The mission of a family division is to resolve family legal issues in a user-friendly forum which maximizes access to the Court and best addresses the important and unique needs of children and families.

The following is an example of a state statute providing for the establishment and functioning of family divisions. “The general court organizes, constitutes, and establishes the judicial branch family division. The goals of the family division are the respectful treatment of all citizens by justices, the prompt and fair resolution of family issues by justices and marital masters specially selected and trained to deal effectively with such issues, the use of alternative dispute resolution to reduce the adversarial nature of proceedings involving families, and the assignment of all family matters of a single family to one family division justice or marital master located in a family division court that is geographically accessible to the family. [RSA 490-D:1]