Family Support Services Law and Legal Definition

The term family support services means community-based services provided for the safety and well-being of children and families. The advantages of family support services include:

a. It helps to increase the strength and stability of adoptive, foster, and extended families;

b. It helps to increase parents' confidence and competence in their parenting abilities,

c. It helps to afford children a safe, stable, and supportive family environment,

d. It helps to strengthen parental relationships and promote healthy marriages, and

e. It helps to enhance child development.

In the U.S., Family Support Services (FSS) is a non-profit social services agency. FSS offers Child Welfare, Early Intervention, Preschool and Childcare programs in Philadelphia, and suburban School-based Childcare programs in Delaware County. The mission of FSS is to advance the healthy development of young children by strengthening the capacity of families to nurture them. FSS uses education and social support to identify and meet the needs of children, birth to age five, who are at risk of child abuse or neglect or who have been identified with developmental delays.