Farmland Protection Policy Act Law and Legal Definition

The Farmland Protection Policy Act (Act) is a federal legislation enacted for the purpose of preserving farmland. The Act makes provisions for restoring, maintaining, and improving the quantity and quality of farmland. The Act does not authorize the federal government to regulate the use of private or nonfederal land or, in any way, affect property rights of private owners. According to 7 CFR 658.2, farmland governed under the Act includes prime farmland, unique farmland, and land of statewide or local importance. Farmland also includes forest land, pastureland, cropland, or other land, but not water or urban built-up land. The Act prohibits unnecessary conversion of farmland for non agricultural use.

Some of the assistances provided by the Act are:

1.Acquiring or disposing of land;

2.Providing financing or loans;

3.Managing property;

4.Providing technical assistance.