Fascell Fellowship Program Law and Legal Definition

The Fascell Fellowship program (Program) is a federal program providing fellowships to the U.S. citizens for serving in positions which would otherwise be held by foreign national employees at the U.S. diplomatic or consular missions abroad. It is codified at 22 USCS § 4901. The recipient of Fascell fellowship is known as a fellow. The purpose of this Program is to facilitate the fellow to serve on a short-term basis at the U.S. diplomatic or consular mission abroad. This Program provides the fellow, a first hand exposure to that country so as to make independent study in that country's area studies or languages.

The following are the persons who are eligible to receive this fellowship:

1. Any citizen of the U.S. who is an undergraduate or graduate student;

2. A teacher, scholar, other academic, or any other individual, who has expertise in international affairs, foreign languages, or career and professional experience or interest in international affairs;


3.Any person who has a working knowledge of the principal language of the country in which s/he would serve.