Federal Reserve Bank (FRB) Law and Legal Definition

According to 31 CFR 203.2 [Title 31 -- Money and Finance: Treasury; Subtitle B -- Regulations Relating to Money and Finance; Chapter Ii -- Fiscal Service, Department of the Treasury; Subchapter A -- Financial Management Service; Part 203 -- Payment of Federal Taxes and the Treasury Tax and Loan Program; Subpart A -- General Information], Federal Reserve Bank (FRB) means “the FRB of the district where the financial institution is located, or such other FRB that may be designated in an FRB operating circular, or such other FRB that may be designated by the Treasury. A financial institution is deemed located in the same district it would be deemed located for purposes of Regulation D (12 CFR 204.3(b)(2)), even if the financial institution is not otherwise subject to Regulation D.”