Federally Owned or Administered Forest Land Law and Legal Definition

Pursuant to 16 USCS § 583f, [Title 16. Conservation; Chapter 3. Forests; Forest Service; Reforestation; Management; Sustained-Yield Forest Management] the term federally owned or administered forest land shall be construed to mean forest land in which, or in the natural resources of which, the United States has a legal or equitable interest of any character sufficient to entitle the United States to control the management or disposition of the timber or other forest products thereon, except land heretofore or hereafter reserved or withdrawn for purposes which are inconsistent with the exercise of the authority conferred by this Act [16 USCS §§ 583 et seq.]; and shall include trust or restricted Indian land, whether tribal or allotted, except that such land shall not be included without the consent of the Indians concerned.