Felony Probation Law and Legal Definition

Felony probation is the probation granted to a person convicted of a felony. A felony probationer can live in the community instead of serving his/her sentence in jail. However, the probationer’s freedom is restricted, and s/he has to comply with a set of conditions set forth by the court. For example, the felony probationer may be required to report regularly to the probationary officer, attend mandatory meetings, restrict his/her area of travel, and refrain from maintaining contact with previous criminal partners.

Generally, a felony probation period may be up to five years. However, the probation period may vary by state.

Probation being a criminal sentence is always under the supervision of the criminal justice system. A person who is on felony probation is usually required to maintain a clean existence. Therefore, if the probationer violates any law while on probation, the probation may be revoked and s/he may be sent to the prison.