Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Prevention and Services Program Law and Legal Definition

The Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Prevention, and Services Program (“Program”) is a federal program that is established at 42 USCS § 280f. This Program is initiated to educate and create public awareness to support, conduct, and evaluate the effectiveness of the following:

1. educational programs targeting medical schools, social and other supportive services, educators and counselors and other service providers in all phases of childhood development, and provision of services for children, adolescents and adults with fetal alcohol syndrome and fetal alcohol effect;

2. Strategies to educate school-age children, including pregnant and high risk youth, concerning fetal alcohol syndrome and fetal alcohol effect;

3. Public and community awareness programs concerning Fetal alcohol syndrome and fetal alcohol effect; and

3. strategies to coordinate information and services across affected community agencies, including agencies providing social services such as foster care, adoption, and social work, medical and mental health services, and agencies involved in education, vocational training and civil and criminal justice;

This Program is an applied research program concerning intervention and prevention to support and conduct service demonstration projects, and coordinate such services, that are aimed at the unique challenges facing individuals with fetal alcohol syndrome or fetal alcohol effect and their families.