Fetal Drug Syndrome Law and Legal Definition

Fetal Drug Syndrome refers to a condition in which there is a pattern of developmental birth defects. The defects include: low birth weight, growth retardation, premature delivery, or spontaneous abortion, and withdrawal symptoms for the neonate. Such conditions are commonly seen in babies of drug abusing mothers.

HRS § 572-5 of the Hawaii Revised Statutes Annotated requires the state department of health or its authorized agents to furnish to each applicant for a marriage license a brochure explaining rubella, the risks of infection with rubella during pregnancy, and how to seek testing and immunization. The department or its authorized agents shall also furnish to each applicant for a marriage license information, to be provided by the department, relating to population stabilization, family planning, birth control, fetal alcohol and drug syndromes, and acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS), including the availability of anonymous testing for human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) infection at alternate test sites; provided that such information is available.