Fetal Remains Law and Legal Definition

Fetal Remains means the remains of a human fetus.

The following are few examples of State Statutes defining Fetal Remains:

Minn. Stat. § 145.1621 defines the term "remains of a human fetus" as “the remains of the dead offspring of a human being that has reached a stage of development so that there are cartilaginous structures, fetal or skeletal parts after an abortion or miscarriage, whether or not the remains have been obtained by induced, spontaneous, or accidental means.”

According to Pennsylvania statute 35 P.S. § 450.105 "Fetal Remains" means the fetus expelled or extracted in the case of a fetal death. Fetal death means the expulsion or extraction from its mother of a product of conception after sixteen (16) weeks gestation, which shows no evidence of life after such expulsion or extraction.