Final Notice of Violation [Energy] Law and Legal Definition

According to 10 CFR 820.2 [Title 10 Energy; Chapter III Department of Energy; Part 820 Procedural Rules for DOE Nuclear Activities; Subpart A General], Final Notice of Violation means “a document issued by the Director in which the Director determines that the respondent has violated or is continuing to violate a DOE Nuclear Safety Requirement and includes:

(i) A statement specifying the DOE Nuclear Safety Requirement to which the violation relates;

(ii) A concise statement of the basis for the determination;

(iii) Any remedy, including the amount of any civil penalty;

(iv) A statement explaining the reasoning behind any remedy; and

(v) If the Notice assesses a civil penalty, notice of respondent's right:

(A) To waive further proceedings and pay the civil penalty;

(B) To request an on-the-record adjudication of the assessment of the civil penalty; or

(C) To seek judicial review of the assessment of the civil penalty.”