Fishing Law and Legal Definition

Pursuant to 16 USCS § 971 (6), [Title 16. Conservation; Chapter 16A. Atlantic Tunas Convention] the term fishing means “the catching, taking, or fishing for, or the attempted catching, taking, or fishing for any species of fish covered by the Convention, or any activities in support thereof.”

Pursuant to 16 USCS § 973 (6), [Title 16. Conservation; Chapter 16C. South Pacific Tuna Fishing] the term fishing means--

“(A) searching for, catching, taking, or harvesting fish;

(B) attempting to search for, catch, take, or harvest fish;

(C) engaging in any other activity which can reasonably be expected to result in the locating, catching, taking, or harvesting of fish;

(D) placing, searching for, or recovering fish aggregating devices or associated electronic equipment such as radio beacons;

(E) any operations at sea directly in support of, or in preparation for, any activity described in this paragraph; or

(F) aircraft use, relating to the activities described in this paragraph except for flights in emergencies involving the health or safety of crew members or the safety of a vessel.”