Foreign Service Institute [FSI] Law and Legal Definition

The Foreign Service Institute (FSI) is the U.S. Government's primary training institution for officers and support personnel of the U.S. foreign affairs community. The FSI prepares American diplomats and other professionals to advance the U.S. foreign affairs interests overseas and in Washington. The FSI courses are designed to promote successful performance in each professional assignment, to ease the adjustment to other countries and cultures, and to enhance the leadership and management capabilities of the U.S. foreign affairs community.

The FSI's programs include training for:

a. the professional development of Foreign Service administrative, consular, economic/commercial, political, and public diplomacy officers;

b. the specialists in the fields of information management, office management, security, and medical practitioners and nurses;

c. the Foreign Service Nationals who work at the U.S. posts around the world; and

d. the Civil Service employees of the State Department and other agencies.