Forensic Examiner Law and Legal Definition

A forensic examiner refers to a professional who conducts forensic examinations in any of the forensic science fields. S/he performs an orderly analysis, investigation, inquiry, test, inspection, or examination in an attempt to obtain the truth and form an expert opinion. Every scientific and technical field has a forensic application and every forensic examination provides an expert opinion.

The following is an example of a case law on forensic examiner: At any preliminary examination in which the results of a forensic examination, analysis, comparison or identification prepared by the Kansas bureau of investigation, the secretary of health and environment, the sheriff's department of Johnson county or the police department of the city of Wichita are to be introduced as evidence, the report, or a copy of the report, of the findings of the forensic examiner shall be admissible into evidence in the preliminary examination in the same manner and with the same force and effect as if the forensic examiner who performed such examination, analysis, comparison or identification and prepared the report thereon had testified in person. [K.S.A. § 22-2902a].