Forum Rei Sitae Law and Legal Definition

Forum rei sitae, means the forum where the thing is situated. According to the rule of forum rei sitae, the place of jurisdiction is the place where the subject matter is situated and a complaint can be brought before the judge in whose district the controverted object is situated.

“In proceedings in rem, the forum rei sitae is the natural and proper forum, for it is the only one which can make its jurisdiction effectual by operating directly on the thing”. [Usatorre v. Compania Arg. Navegacion Mihanovich, 49 F. Supp. 275, 277 (D.N.Y. 1942)].

When the matter in controversy is land, or other immovable property, the judgment pronounced in the forum rei sitae is held to be of universal obligation, as to all the matters of right and title, which it professes to decide in relation thereto. [Union Nat'l Bank v. State Nat'l Bank, 155 Mo. 95, 103 (Mo. 1900)].