Fuero Law and Legal Definition

Fuero is a Spanish legal term. This comes from Latin word forum which means an open space used as market, tribunal and meeting place.

Fuero has varied meanings depending on the context it is used.

Fuero refers to the charter given by the king or other authority to townships (also liberated from the Moors) for their governance.

It is the special status given to the church, the dignity or special segments of the population.

It is a set of laws of statewide application, fueros generales.

In many cases fuero is an acknowledgment or sanctification of local custom, known originally only by an oral tradition, but which were eventually reduced to writing. The municipal fueros became a supreme source of private as well as public law, and many of the important cities’ were included in voluminous writings. Some of these fueros will be referred to in the principal text by the name of the city or region in which they applied, regardless of their specific nature.