Fugam Fecit Law and Legal Definition

Fugam Fecit is a Latin term that means ‘He fled or he has made flight.’ This was the flight made by persons in order to escape arrest and prosecution for capital felony. The fugitives who committed the offence were in some cases the perpetrators of the crimes for which they fled. When a jury made this finding in a felony or treason trial, the defendant's property was subject to forfeiture. In the 13th century Northumbrian juries often had occasion to find that a man was guiltless of capital felony, but had incurred the penalty of forfeiture of his goods and chattels by withdrawing himself stealthily from his usual place of abode, and flying for a felony of which he was guiltless. The effect of this is to make the party forfeit all his goods and profits of his lands until he has been pardoned or acquitted.