Labor Management Reporting and Disclosure Act Law and Legal Definition

Labor Management Reporting and Disclosure Act enacted in 1959 is a Federal statute that governs labor unions' internal affairs and their officials' relationships with employers. It defines unfair labor practices and provides state labor relations' agencies and courts the jurisdiction over labor disputes. It is also known as the Landrum -Griffin Act.

The Labor Management Reporting and Disclosure Act was enacted when the revelations of corruption and undemocratic practices in various labor unions received wide public attention. The Act requires unions to hold secret elections for local union offices on a regular basis. It also provides for review of union members' claims of improper election activity by the U.S. Department of Labor.

The Labor Management Reporting and Disclosure Act cover both workers and unions also covered by the National Labor Relations Act and the Railway Labor Act. The act does not cover public sector employees, who are not covered by either the NLRA or the RLA. Likewise the Act does not displace state laws governing unions' relations with their members except to the extent that those laws conflict with federal law.

The provisions in the Act protect union members against abuses by a bill of rights that includes guarantees of freedom of speech and periodic secret elections of officers. It bars members of the communist party and convicted felons from holding union office. It requires unions to submit annual financial reports to the labor department. It declares that every union officer must act as a fiduciary in handling the assets and conducting the affairs of the union. It limits the power of unions to put a temporary suspension of democratic processes within a union. The Act lays down certain minimum standards to be followed before a union may expel or take other disciplinary action against a member of the union.

Union members may enforce their rights under the Act through private lawsuit or, in some cases, through the US Department of Labor.