Land Management Activity Law and Legal Definition

Pursuant to 25 USCS § 3703 (12) [Title 25. Indians; Chapter 39. American Indian Agricultural Resource Management], the term land management activity means “all activities, accomplished in support of the management of Indian agricultural lands, including (but not limited to)--

(A) preparation of soil and range inventories, farmland and rangeland management plans, and monitoring programs to evaluate management plans;

(B) agricultural lands and on-farm irrigation delivery system development, and the application of state of the art, soil and range conservation management techniques to restore and ensure the productive potential of Indian lands;

(C) protection against agricultural pests, including development, implementation, and evaluation of integrated pest management programs to control noxious weeds, undesirable vegetation, and vertebrate or invertebrate agricultural pests;

(D) administration and supervision of agricultural leasing and permitting activities, including determination of proper land use, carrying capacities, and proper stocking rates of livestock, appraisal, advertisement, negotiation, contract preparation, collecting, recording, and distributing lease rental receipts;

(E) technical assistance to individuals and tribes engaged in agricultural production or agribusiness; and

(F) educational assistance in agriculture, natural resources, land management and related fields of study, including direct assistance to tribally-controlled community colleges in developing and implementing curriculum for vocational, technical, and professional course work.”