Landlord Tenant Co Tenants Law and Legal Definition

Co-tenants are created when they rent the premises together at the same time, or one of them moves in later and there is agreement among the landlord, the original tenant, and the new occupant, that he be a cotenant. Commonly, all cotenants to enter into the same rental agreement at the same time. However, co-tenants may be created in other manners. The main thrust is that cotenants all have a rental agreement with landlord. Unless it is explicitly agreed among all parties otherwise, each cotenant has all the rights and duties and the same rights of occupancy that all the other cotenants have. They are, in effect, partners in the tenancy. This principle applies whether the agreement is in writing or oral, or merely implied.

Relevant legal forms include:

Letter - To Tenant and Their New Co-Tenant
Letter - Landlord to Tenant - Letter to Original and New Co-Tenant re signing of new lease
Notice of Intent to Co-Tenant