Landlord Tenant Temporary Law and Legal Definition

Temporary lease forms are used in a situation where the seller desires to allow the buyer to take possession prior to the closing of the contract of sale. Temporary lease forms will contain the following information:

  • Name of the landlord.
  • Name of the tenant.
  • Term of the temporary lease.
  • Security deposit, if any.
  • Utilities, etc.

There are two types of temporary lease arrangements in shopping malls --- utilizing existing vacant retail space and kiosk programs. In the first, vacant space (or in-line space) is retrofitted to meet the needs of the temporary tenant. This opportunity provides the leasing establishment a way to fill the space at a highly trafficked time of year, and offers the tenant a chance to operate for a few months during the height of its selling season without making a traditional long-term commitment.

Kiosks or carts offer space in mall common areas to attract high traffic to retail locations. Each kiosk houses an individual business wishing to operate in the hallway areas. Temporary kiosk leasing provides the opportunity to offer "hot" trend items, seasonal products or to test new products in the marketplace.