Landmines Law and Legal Definition

A landmine is an explosive mine laid usually just below the surface of the ground. Under the federal Landmine Removal Assistance Act, the term `antipersonnel landmine' means any munition placed under, on, or near the ground or other surface area, delivered by artillery, rocket, mortar, or similar means, or dropped from an aircraft and which is designed, constructed, or adapted to be detonated or exploded by the presence, proximity, or contact of a person.

A number of United Nations members have called for a complete ban on use, export, and production of antipersonnel landmines. According to UNICEF, "Since 1975, the devices have killed or maimed more than 1 million people. They continue to kill 800 victims each month and disable more than 1,000 others." In 64 countries, there are an estimated 110 million land-mines are lodged in the ground, responsible for killing many children and other civilians.