Language Instruction Educational Program [Education] Law and Legal Definition

Pursuant to 20 USCS § 7011 (8) [Title 20. Education; Chapter 70. Strengthening and Improvement of Elementary and Secondary Schools; Language Instruction for Limited English Proficient and Immigrant Students; General Provisions], the term language instruction educational program means “an instruction course--

(A) in which a limited English proficient child is placed for the purpose of developing and attaining English proficiency, while meeting challenging State academic content and student academic achievement standards, as required by section 1111(b)(1) [20 USCS § 6311(b)(1)]; and

(B) that may make instructional use of both English and a child's native language to enable the child to develop and attain English proficiency, and may include the participation of English proficient children if such course is designed to enable all participating children to become proficient in English and a second language.”