Law Enforcement Motor Vehicle Law and Legal Definition

According to 41 CFR 102-34.35 [Title 41 Public Contracts and Property Management; Subtitle C Federal Property Management Regulations System; Chapter 102 Federal Management Regulation System; Subchapter B Personal Property; Part 102-34 Motor Vehicle Management; Subpart A Obtaining Fuel Efficient Motor Vehicles], law enforcement motor vehicle means a light duty motor vehicle that is specifically approved in an agency's appropriation act for use in apprehension, surveillance, police or other law enforcement work or specifically designed for use in law enforcement. If not identified in an agency's appropriation language, a motor vehicle qualifies as a law enforcement motor vehicle only in the following cases:

(1) A passenger automobile having heavy duty components for electrical, cooling and suspension systems and at least the next higher cubic inch displacement or more powerful engine than is standard for the automobile concerned;

(2) A light truck having emergency warning lights and identified with markings such as "police;"

(3) An unmarked motor vehicle certified by the agency head as essential for the safe and efficient performance of intelligence, counterintelligence, protective, or other law enforcement duties; or

(4) A forfeited motor vehicle seized by a Federal agency that is subsequently used for the purpose of performing law enforcement activities.