Lays Off Law and Legal Definition

According to 8 USCS § 1182 (Title 8, Aliens and Nationality; Chapter 12, Immigration and Nationality Immigration; Admission Qualifications For Aliens; Travel Control of Citizens and Aliens), the term "lays off", with respect to a worker--

(I) means “to cause the worker's loss of employment, other than through a discharge for inadequate performance, violation of workplace rules, cause, voluntary departure, voluntary retirement, or the expiration of a grant or contract (other than a temporary employment contract entered into in order to evade a condition described in subparagraph (E) or (F) of paragraph (1)); but

(II) does not include any situation in which the worker is offered, as an alternative to such loss of employment, a similar employment opportunity with the same employer (or, in the case of a placement of a worker with another employer under paragraph (1)(F), with either employer described in such paragraph) at equivalent or higher compensation and benefits than the position from which the employee was discharged, regardless of whether or not the employee accepts the offer.” (8 USCS § 1182)