Legalis Homo Law and Legal Definition

Legalis homo is a Latin term meaning, lawful man. Legalis homo refers to a person who has full legal capacity and full legal rights. Legalis homo is one who has not been deprived of any rights in court by outlawry, excommunication, or infamy.

Legalis homo is a lawful man who is able to serve as a juror and to swear an oath. LEgalis homo rests upon qualification on a threefold basis:


2. law, and

3. humanity.

The legalis homo must be free, lawful, and of the human race. The factors relating freedom and humanity are rigid as far as they are concerned, but elastic as to lawfulness. Custom and statute prescribe the lawfulness. This elasticity of the common law respecting jury qualifications is preserved in, and flows to the U.S. Constitution.[HAYES, 2 Wash. Terr. 286 (Wash. 1884)].