Letters (Probate) Law and Legal Definition

Written communications of expressions, opinions, testamentary and inferences recorded for later references are letters. Letters includes letters testamentary, letters of guardianship, letters of administration, and letters of conservatorship. [Section 1 201 of Uniform Probate Code]

Letters of Administration explain the names the individual who has authority to take possession of property and administer the decedent’s estate. Letters of administration are issued by the Register of Wills or the Court.

Letters of testamentary are usually issued by the Court. Letters testamentary authorize the executor named in the Will of the decedent to carry out the terms of the Will.

Letters of conservatorship are certificates of authority issued by the court to an individual or corporate fiduciary to serve as conservator or guardian of the property of a person.

Letters of guardianship are an entrustment of care of an incompetent or child unto another. Generally a lawyer or officer of the court will be the guardian.