Letters of Guardianship Law and Legal Definition

Letters of Guardianship means an entrustment of care of an incompetent or child onto another by the court; or appointment of a guardian. A lawyer or officer of the court may appointed as guardian.

It is protective authority given by law to an adult individual over one whose weakness on account of his age renders him unable to protect himself/herself.

NY CLS SCPA § 701 is an example for a state statute which lays down the requisites of letters of guardianship. It provides that letters granted by any court to a fiduciary shall be issued in the name of the people of the state, attested in the name of the judge of the court, sealed with the seal of the court and signed by the court or the chief clerk of the court or such other officer as the chief clerk shall have authorized or deputized for the purpose. No court except the court which issues letters shall have power to suspend, modify or revoke them, so long as the court issuing them has jurisdiction of the estate or matter in which the letters were issued.