Levis Culpa Law and Legal Definition

Levis culpa is a Latin term. It means ‘slight fault.’

Levis culpa refers to ordinary negligence. It is also termed culpa levis.

The following is an example of a case law defining the term:

Gross neglect, lata culpa, is the omission of that care which even inattentive and thoughtless men never fail to take care of their property. Ordinary neglect, levis culpa, is a want of that diligence which the generality of mankind use in their own concerns; that is, of ordinary care. Slight neglect, levissuma culpa, is the omission of that care which very attentive and diligent persons take of their own goods, or in other words, of very exact diligence. [Commonwealth v. Polk, 256 Ky. 100 (Ky. 1934)].