Levy Court of Washington Law and Legal Definition

Levy Court of Washington is a body which was at one time charged with the administration of the ministerial and financial duties of Washington County in the District of Columbia.

It was charged with the duty of laying out and repairing roads, building bridges, and keeping them in good order, providing poor-houses, and the general care of the poor; and with laying and collecting the taxes which are necessary to enable it to discharge these and other duties, and to pay the other expenses of the county.

It had the capacity to make contracts in reference to any of these matters, and to raise money to meet these contracts. Its functions were those which, in the several states, are performed by "county commissioners," "overseers of the poor," "county supervisors," and similar bodies with other designations. [Levy Court v. Coroner, 69 U.S. 501 (U.S. 1865)]