License Coupled With an Interest Law and Legal Definition

A license is a legal permission to do something otherwise unauthorized. A license coupled with an interest is an irrevocable license that grants an interest in land or in personal property. The grantor of license is the licensor and the grantee is the licensee. A license coupled with an interest may be binding on successors in title of the licensor.

The following is an example of a provision in a homeowners' association agreement dealing with a license coupled with an interest:

"Section 11. Aesthetic and Safety Control. In order to implement effective insect, reptile and fire control, the Association shall have the right, but not the duty, to enter upon any Lot or Dwelling Unit, such entry to be made by personnel with tractors or other suitable devices, for the purpose of mowing, removing, clearing, cutting or pruning underbrush, weeds or other unsightly growth, which in the opinion of the Association detracts from the setting and safety of Silver Woods. Such entrance for the purpose of mowing, removing, cutting, clearing or pruning shall not be deemed a trespass but shall be deemed a license coupled with an interest. The Association and its agents may likewise enter upon such land to remove any trash which has collected on such Lot or Dwelling Unit without such entrance and removal being deemed a trespass. The provisions in this Section shall not be construed as an obligation on the part of the Association to mow, clear, cut or prune any Lot nor to provide garbage or trash removal services, or any other service. All expenses reasonably incurred by the Association in exercising its rights under this Section shall become and constitute a lien against the Lot or Dwelling Unit and a personal obligation of the Owner of the Lot or Dwelling Unit. Such lien shall be established by recording a Claim of Lien among the Public Records."