Lime Promotion, Research, and Consumer Information Act Law and Legal Definition

The Lime Promotion, Research, and Consumer Information Act (“Act”) is a federal legislation that provides for the maintenance and expansion of existing domestic and foreign markets for limes. It is established pursuant to 7 USCS § 6201. The Act also provides for the development of additional and improved markets for limes that are vital to the welfare of lime producers and other persons concerned with producing, marketing, or processing limes. The following are the purposes of the Act:

1.Authorizing the establishment of an orderly procedure for the development and financing (through an adequate assessment) of an effective and coordinated program of research, promotion, and consumer information regarding limes designed;

2.Strengthening the position of the lime industry in domestic and foreign markets;

3.Mainitaining , developing, and expanding markets for limes; and

4.Treating domestically produced and imported limes equitably.

This Act prohibits any person who willfully violates any provision of any order or regulation issued by the Secretary of Agriculture under this Act, or who fails or refuses to pay, collect, or remit any assessment or fee duly required of the person under the order or regulation, may be assessed a civil penalty by the Secretary of not less than $ 500 nor more than $ 5,000 for each such violation.