Limited Scope Representation Law and Legal Definition

Limited-scope representation is an n arrangement with a lawyer to receive help on some parts of a case for a previously decided fee, or limited fees. Such representation is also called unbundled legal services, unbundling, limited scope assistance, or discrete task representation. In such services the client and attorney select specific services to be provided rather than the full package of services that are traditionally offered by law firms. Such representation is generally seen in family law cases.

A limited scope representation may include one or a set of services from the attorney, rather than a full representation. In such cases, the attorney fee is also limited. A few examples of the tasks that come under limited legal services are noted below:

Legal advice

Legal evaluation of the client’s case.

Advice about availability of alternative means to resolving the dispute, including mediation and arbitration.

Guidance and procedural information for filing or serving documents.

Review of correspondence and court documents.

Factual investigation: contacting witnesses, public record searches, in-depth interview of client.

Legal research and analysis.

Discovery: interrogatories, depositions, requests for document production.

Procedural assistance with appeal and assisting with substantive legal argumentation in appeal.