Lineal Warranty Law and Legal Definition

Lineal warranty is a warranty which existed where the heir derived, or might by possibility have derived, his title to the land warranted, either from or through the ancestor who made the warranty; where a father, or an elder son in the lifetime of the father, released to the disseisor of either themselves or the grandfather, with warranty, this was lineal to the younger son.

The following is an example of a case law referring to lineal warranty:

"If the heir in tail bringeth a writ of formedon, and a lineal warranty of his ancestor, inheritable by force of the tail, be pleaded against him, with this, that assets descended to him of fee simple which he hath by the same ancestor that made the warranty; if the heir that is demandant may annul and defeat the warranty, that sufficeth him; for the descent of other tenements of fee simple maketh nothing to bar the heir without the warranty." [Piatt v. Oliver, 19 F. Cas. 568, 572 (C.C.D. Ohio 1842)].