Liquidation of Partner's Interest [Internal Revenue] Law and Legal Definition

Pursuant to 26 CFR 1.761-1 (d) [Title 26 Internal Revenue; Chapter I Internal Revenue Service, Department of the Treasury; Subchapter A Income Tax; Part 1 Income Taxes; Normal Taxes and Surtaxes; Partners and Partnerships; Contributions, Distributions, and Transfers; Definitions], the term liquidation of a partner's interest means “the termination of a partner's entire interest in a partnership by means of a distribution, or a series of distributions, to the partner by the partnership. A series of distributions will come within the meaning of this term whether they are made in one year or in more than one year. Where a partner's interest is to be liquidated by a series of distributions, the interest will not be considered as liquidated until the final distribution has been made. For the basis of property distributed in one liquidating distribution, or in a series of distributions in liquidation, see section 732(b) [26 USCS § 732(b)]. A distribution which is not in liquidation of a partner's entire interest, as defined in this paragraph, is a current distribution. Current distributions, therefore, include distributions in partial liquidation of a partner's interest, and distributions of the partner's distributive share. See paragraph (a)(1)(ii) of § 1.731-1.”