Listed Property Law and Legal Definition

According to 26 USCS § 280F (4), [Title 26. Internal Revenue Code; Subtitle A. Income Taxes; Chapter 1. Normal Taxes And Surtaxes; Subchapter B. Computation Of Taxable Income; Part IX. Items Not Deductible] “(A) In general. Except as provided in subparagraph (B), the term "listed property" means--

(i) any passenger automobile,

(ii) any other property used as a means of transportation,

(iii) any property of a type generally used for purposes of entertainment, recreation, or amusement,

(iv) any computer or peripheral equipment (as defined in section 168(i)(2)(B) [26 USCS § 168(i)(2)(B)]),

(v) any cellular telephone (or other similar telecommunications equipment), and

(vi) any other property of a type specified by the Secretary by regulations.

(B) Exception for certain computers. The term "listed property" shall not include any computer or peripheral equipment (as so defined) used exclusively at a regular business establishment and owned or leased by the person operating such establishment. For purposes of the preceding sentence, any portion of a dwelling unit shall be treated as a regular business establishment if (and only if) the requirements of section 280A(c)(1) [26 USCS § 280A(c)(1)] are met with respect to such portion.

(C) Exception for property used in business of transporting persons or property. Except to the extent provided in regulations, clause (ii) of subparagraph (A) shall not apply to any property substantially all of the use of which is in a trade or business of providing to unrelated persons services consisting of the transportation of persons or property for compensation or hire.”