Littoral Owner Law and Legal Definition

A littoral owner refers to the owner of land adjacent to the shore. A lessee, licensee, or anyone acting under the littoral owner's authority can also be referred as a littoral.

The following is an example of a case law on littoral owner: While the title of the State to the bed of the lake extends to the natural high water mark, littoral owners have rights which are more extensive than those of the public generally. Such littoral owners have the right to erect wharves and other structures into the lake which are superior to the rights of those who have only the rights of a member of the public. Littoral owners may use the lakes and public waters in front of the property for recreational and other similar purposes in a more extensive manner than those who enjoy the rights to use the lake and public waters only as members of the public. [State v. George C. Stafford & Sons, 99 N.H. 92 (N.H. 1954)].