Local Law Law and Legal Definition

Local law refers to the law that operates over a particular locality.

In McIntyre v. Clarkson, 254 N.C. 510 (N.C. 1961), the court held that, “the phrase local law means, primarily at least, a law that in fact, if not in form, is confined within territorial limits other than that of the whole state, or applies to any political subdivision or subdivisions of the state less than the whole, or to the property and persons of a limited portion of the state, or to a comparatively small portion of the state, or is directed to a specific locality or spot, as distinguished from a law which operates generally throughout the state.”

A local law must be consistent with any general law on the same subject. [Wholesale Laundry Board of Trade, Inc. v. New York, 43 Misc. 2d 816 (N.Y. Misc. 1964)[.