Location Information [Consumer Law] Law and Legal Definition

The term location information when used in the context of consumer law refers to a consumer's place of abode and his/her telephone number at such place, or his/her place of employment. [15 USCS § 1692a (7)].

Generally, a debt collector collects the location information about a consumer. Any debt collector collecting location information about a consumer must identify himself/herself to the person from whom s/he is collecting the information, and must state that s/he is confirming or correcting the location information about a consumer. A debt collector must disclose the identity of his/her employers to such third person only in cases were there is an express request.

A debt collector must not disclose any information about a consumer’s debt. In case where a debt collector knows that a consumer is represented by an attorney whose address is known to a debt collector and that such attorney has full knowledge with regard to the subject debt, then s/he must not communicate with any person other than that attorney, unless the attorney fails to respond within a reasonable period of time to the communication from a debt collector.