Locatum Law and Legal Definition

Locatum is a Latin term which means ‘a hiring’. The term is designated as locatio et conduction. This type of bailment arises when goods are left with the bailee for some use or service. The goods must be bailed for some reward. This type of bailment is subdivided as follows:

(1) locatio rei, or the hire of a thing, whereby the hirer gains its temporary use;

(2) locatio operis faciendi, or the hiring of work or labor on a thing;

(3) locatio custodiae, or the hiring of care and pains, or services, to be performed or bestowed on the thing delivered; and

(4) locatio operis, mercium vehendarum, or the hiring of the carriage of goods, when they are bailed, either to a public carrier or to a private person for the purpose of being carried from place to place. [John T. Handy Co. v. Carman, 102 Md. App. 188, 200 (Md. Ct. Spec. App. 1994)].