Lock in the Case of Vaults [Energy] Law and Legal Definition

According to 10 CFR 73.2 [Title 10 – Energy; Chapter I -- Nuclear Regulatory Commission; Part 73 -- Physical Protection of Plants and Materials; General Provisions], the term lock in the case of vaults or vault type rooms means “a three-position, manipulation resistant, dial type, built-in combination lock or combination padlock and in the case of fences, walls, and buildings means an integral door lock or padlock which provides protection equivalent to a six-tumbler cylinder lock. Lock in the case of a vault or vault type room also means any manipulation resistant, electromechanical device which provides the same function as a built-in combination lock or combination padlock, which can be operated remotely or by the reading or insertion of information, which can be uniquely characterized, and which allows operation of the device. Locked means protected by an operable lock.”