Lost Will Law and Legal Definition

A will which is lost or misplaced poses many difficulties for those expected to inherit from it. Suggested places to look include a safe deposit box, under the mattress, between pages of books, in glove boxes or trunks of vehicles, or wall or floor safes. A court order may be required to look in a safe deposit box if you're not on the signature card.

If you're unable to identify the attorney who drew up the will, you may look through checkbooks to find checks written to attorneys or law firms. As a last resort, one might try cold calling lawyers in the area yellow pages. Be thorough, although an attorney may not remember the client, he or she may have referred them to a paralegal or someone else in the probate department.

Friends of the deceased who may have witnessed the will may be consulted to see if the deceased ever mentioned where the will was kept or who drew it up. The deceased's address book will be a source of names to call.

Some states allow a will to be filed at the courthouse, so you may try calling the courthouse (ask for the Probate Division) to see if the will was filed at the courthouse.