Low and Moderate Income Beneficiary Law and Legal Definition

According to 24 CFR 1003.4 [Title 24. Housing And Urban Development; Subtitle B. Regulations Relating To Housing And Urban Development; Chapter IX. Office Of Assistant Secretary For Public And Indian Housing, Department Of Housing And Urban Development; Part 1003. Community Development Block Grants For Indian Tribes And Alaska Native Villages; Subpart A. General Provisions], ‘low and moderate income beneficiary’ means a family, household, or individual whose income does not exceed 80 percent of the median income for the area, as determined by HUD, with adjustments for smaller and larger households or families. However, HUD may establish income ceilings higher or lower than 80 percent of the median for the area on the basis of HUD's findings that such variations are necessary because of unusually high or low household or family incomes. In reporting income levels to HUD, the applicant must include and identify the distributions of tribal or village income to families, households, or individuals.