Medical Care Facility Law and Legal Definition

Medical care facility refers to an institution, place, building or agency that furnishes, conducts, and operates health services for the prevention, diagnosis, or treatment of human disease, pain, injury, deformity, or physical condition. The health service offered by a medical care facility can be either medical or surgical. Such services may be provided to: a. two or more non-related mentally or physically sick or injured persons; or b. two or more non-related persons requiring or receiving medical, surgical, or nursing attention or services.

Medical care facility can be a licensed institution, agency or building or one that is required to be licensed by the Board or the Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Services. It can be a private institution, public institution or an agency that is owned or operated by a local governmental unit operated for generating profit or nonprofit. It also includes an agency who is a recipient of reimbursements from third-party health insurance programs or prepaid medical service plans.