Mental Health Court Law and Legal Definition

Mental health court means a judicial program that provides a specialized docket for defendants with mental illnesses. Mental health court makes decision about the state of mind of people charged with criminal offences. Such courts give the defendants an opportunity to participate in court-supervised treatment.

A mental health court consists of a judge, court personnel, and treatment providers. They provide include continued mental health status assessments with individualized sanctions and incentives. They also make efforts to resolve a case upon successful completion of mandated treatment. They plan and participate in ongoing judicial monitoring to address both the mental health needs of offenders and public safety concerns of communities.

Criminal cases in which the alleged offender is mentally ill, or suffers from intellectual disability or is deprived of a relevant capacity will be referred to the mental health court. A mental health court will inquire into the lawfulness of a patient's detention in authorized mental health facilities. It also hears appeals from the Mental Health Review Tribunal.