Military Allotment Law and Legal Definition

Military allotment or military pay allotment is the sum of money that is automatically distributed for a military person, from his/her pay. One may have allotments for various reasons: it may be to pay off military loans, set aside funds for the person’s family, or to pay insurance premiums.

Allotments are of two types: discretionary and non-discretionary. A discretionary allotment is an allotment that is voluntarily made. It is setup by a member and may be started, stopped, or adjusted at will. For example, Allotments made for the payment of car loans. Non-discretionary allotments may be voluntary or involuntary. Such allotments cannot be started or stopped at the member's will. A military allotment made towards court ordered child support is an example of an involuntary non-discretionary allotment.