Military Court of Inquiry Law and Legal Definition

Military Court of Inquiry is a court that inquires into military matters. For example, investigations relating to matters such as a failure of equipment or procedure are conducted by these courts.

A military court of inquiry has special and limited jurisdiction that is convened to investigate specific matters. However, such courts are not judicial tribunals.

The following is an example of a case law on the term:

A naval or military court of inquiry is not a judicial tribunal. It is instituted solely for the purpose of investigation, as an assistance to the President, the head of the Department, or the commanding officer, in determining whether or not any further proceeding, executive or judicial, ought to be taken in relation to the subject matter of the inquiry. There is no issue joined between parties, and its proceedings are not judicial. [United States v. Shibley, 112 F. Supp. 734 (D. Cal. 1953)].