Military ID cards Law and Legal Definition

Military ID card is a card or other form of identification used for the purpose of demonstrating eligibility to secure any benefit from the Department of Defense of the U.S.

The following is an example of a federal statute that deals with the issuing of military ID cards to retiree dependents.

According to 10 USCS § 1060b, in issuing military ID cards to retiree dependents, the Secretary concerned shall issue a permanent ID card (not subject to renewal) to any such retiree dependent as follows:

A retiree dependent who has attained 75 years of age.

A retiree dependent who is permanently disabled

A permanent ID card shall be issued to a retiree upon the expiration, after the retiree dependent attains 75 years of age, of any earlier, renewable military card or, if earlier, upon the request of the retiree dependent after attaining age 75.