Minor Offense Law and Legal Definition

Offense means violation of law or criminal offense. Generally offenses are classified based on their severity and seriousness of punishments. Minor offense refers to offenses that are less serious. It can include misdemeanor cases, Class D felonies, and infraction cases, which are of a less serious nature. For example, an offence can be said to be a minor offense if the punishment for it is just fine or warning or imprisonment less than three months.

Example of a State Statute ( Indiana) on minor offenses.

Burns Ind. Code Ann. § 33-28-3-8

33-28-3-8. Minor offenses and violations docket -- Jurisdiction -- Traffic violations bureau.

(a) The minor offenses and violations docket has jurisdiction over the following:

(1) All Class D felony cases.

(2) All misdemeanor cases.

(3) All infraction cases.,/p>

(4) All ordinance violation cases.

(b) The court shall establish a traffic violations bureau in the manner prescribed by IC 34-28-5-7 through IC 34-28-5-10.